Hot Rod & Custom Prospects at Auction

Hot Rod & Custom Prospects at Auction

I follow many of the big car auction sites: Bring a Trailer, RM, Bonhams, etc. (I even hear there’s a new auction house coming soon!). This week Gooding & Co. posted the ‘Estate of Mark Smith Collection’ to be auctioned off next month, and I’ve got to say, Mr. Smith had some very good taste- Lots of material for potential hot rods, too. Mark had an old brick Chrysler dealership building in Lynchburg, VA full of American classics and racers- All with patina. I’ve picked ten of my favorite rides that just might make a fun custom project (if the price is right):

  1. 1935 RILEY-FORD SPECIAL SPRINT CAR: A Riley OHV Banger in a very original racer from the 30s . I would give this a more period-correct paint job and take it to TROG.
  2. 1937 FORD V8 DELUXE CABRIOLET (and 1939 CONVERTIBLE): Both stock open Ford models that would make an excellent starting point for a Westergard style, Carson top tail dragger.
  3. 1926 CHEVROLET SERIES V SUPERIOR COUPE: I’ve honestly never seen one of these in person, and besides lowering it, some speed parts and 16′ solids, what else does it need? Those aluminum trim strips on the body exterior are wild!
  4. 1948 KB SPECIAL MIDGET RACER: Period perfect dirt racer again, but this one has an Eddie Meyer-equipped V8-60!
  5. 1920 FORD MODEL T ROADSTER: There is a T Speedster in the collection, but for my money, I think this Rajo-head ’20 T is way cooler. You could create an Isky T replica or make it a pre-war Gow job very easily.
  6. 1913 PEUGEOT BÉBÉ: Never  seen one of these either, but designed by Bugatti?! And “Likely Used by the American Rubber Company for Promotional Purposes” – I’m in!
  7. 1937 PIERCE-ARROW MODEL C TRAVELODGE: To vintage trailer nerds, these are the cat’s pajamas. Even when new, these were rare and expensive, not unlike original Ardun V8 heads would be to a hot rodder. This one needs a total resto! $$$
  8. 1930 FORD MODEL A STATION WAGON: There are two 28-29 Model A Roadsters in the collection, but how often to you see original wood bodied ‘A’ Station Wagons? Throw on some Kelsey Hayes wires with an A-V8 conversion, and your good to go! (Note: This is obviously a 1929 model, but listed as 1930)
  9. 1964 MERCURY COMET CALIENTE: Since this is a rare factory test car, maybe you wouldn’t want to modify it? I’d definitely lower it and drive the wheels of off it.
  10. 1929 STUTZ SERIES M CABRIOLET: OK, hear me out. Maybe this thing is too big and rare to hot rod, but it already looks like Cruella DeVille’s car, so it’s a very cool starting point!

And in case you wanna see the rest of his amazing cars for sale, they are here.

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