The Best Ford Ever…

The Best Ford Ever…

In 2011, I bought a ’39 sedan from my buddy Danny. It was a very simple car with a mildly warmed over flathead and a lowered stance. For all intents and purposes, it was just a stock early Ford engineered in the 1930’s to be a utility vehicle for typical American families.

I drove that car every single day for the next 6 years and put over 60,000 miles on it while doing so. To date, it’s the best Ford I have ever owned. It wasn’t all that exciting and it certainly wasn’t fast, but it was honest and did exactly what it was asked to do.

I eventually sold the sedan to a guy on the west coast and have since lost contact with it, but not much time goes by between instances of wishing it was still sitting in my garage. There’s just something about the 39/40 sedan that makes it more than the accumulation of its parts. I’m searching for a word here, but lets just settle on “practical.”

I don’t know that Ford made a car until well into the 1960’s that balanced ride, handling, and performance as effortlessly as my ’39. Add to that it’s utter simplicity and you have an old Ford that is absolutely perfect for daily driving.

Anyway, if my old ’39 is still out there… I hope she knows I’m thinking about her!

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