The Fred Zaft Coupe: Where is it now?

The Fred Zaft Coupe: Where is it now?

A few days before Christmas last year I sent out a Holiday wish list from Hot Rod magazine 1950, and casually mentioned that I really wanted to share the 1951 version with Stroker McGurk’s list, but sadly didn’t own that issue. Santa must of heard my cries, because a buddy recently gifted me the December ’51 Hot Rod magazine with Tom Medley’s ‘Christmas tree in a T’ cover. Inside was a feature story on one very clean, very black, channeled 5 window coupe belonging to Ramblers CC president Fred Zaft of San Francisco. Why did that particular ’32 coupe and Fred’s name seem so familiar? Then I remembered Joey briefly sharing about the Zaft coupe in his ‘Moment in Our Time’ story. Delving further back to 2006 I found a fantastic connection by our resident Aussie hot rodder, Jimmy B. where he had picked up a whole stash of early 50s Hot Rod magazines from Mr. George Zaft of San Francisco- It was Fred’s cousin!

So I’ve shared the original Dec ’51 story of the car below, and leave you all with one question: Where is the Fred Zaft Coupe now? Hopefully it’s still intact and being enjoyed somewhere in the world…

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