America’s Most Beautiful Roadster

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster

I am not a huge fan of the Grand National Roadster Show. At the same time, I love it. I mean, it’s a huge car show and I’ve made it no secret that I loathe such large gatherings. Also, it’s judged… and I can think of very few things more revolting than a group of people judging what I consider to be an art form. I mean, what the hell is that all about? What authority to do those fellas have over some other random schmuck that’s been hot rodding half their life? Authority, for all intents and purposes, is for the exhausted.

But… It’s the GRAND NATIONAL ROADSTER SHOW man. Without it, would hot rodding be even close to what it is today? I can’t answer that question confidently and anything that has served as a catalyst for the development of both hot rodding history and the hot rodding that we know today is holy to me.

And so, I yield to my notions of moralism and concede that… yes… I love the Grand National Roadster Show. I like to pretend that I don’t and I like to tell people it’s all bullshit. But, I know deep down that it’s not. That we need it. That it’s important.

In a more typical year, this would all be much more difficult for me to admit. If some bullshit suppository looking car with huge wheels and more smoke than mirrors won, I would probably fold back into my jaded ways while complaining about the price of beers at the event. Instead, a pretty great car won… and so, Long Live The Grand National Roadster Show! And, congrats Jack!


Also, a little editor’s note of sorts. Congrats to South City Rod & Custom and my pal Coby. This ’34 is both classically minded and daring as hell. Huge balls to build this car and I love you guys for it.

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