Extremity, by Deus Ex Machina

Extremity, by Deus Ex Machina

Let’s start with two caveats: First, I could swear that this video made the rounds when it came out in the Summer of 2018, but after my futile TJJ archive searches have come up empty, maybe it was just shared on the HAMB? Regardless, this one is worth the watch just for how beautifully it’s captured by the automotive photography master Jeff Zwart. The man understands composition and lightning in a way that few really do well.

Now the second caveat: The fluffy Deus Ex Machina description below and the rambling voice over makes it sound like a bad cologne ad, and the whole video is very staged, but watch it with the sound off if that helps!

Just the video description sounds so cheesy:
“Amber filled the sky, and dust filled the air. When they clashed, a feeling long forgotten was captured, a yearning for freedom finally sated – for a while. A machine with the purpose of giving us the liberty to dream, to run fast & free, was the horse that carried us home. When we got our hands on the beauty that is the belly tank Lakester, it was only a matter of time until we stretched its wings and held on tight while it soared. A great machine however, rarely goes unnoticed. With the help of Riley Harper, Jeff Zwart, Dimitri Coste and the Californian desert, we sat an eager pilot into the belly of the beast, and set the scene to celebrate the spirit of freedom. A spark, a sun kissed chassis, a roaring engine and a trail of dust. With that, we rode against the current, stealing a fleeting glance at what we came to see.”

Ok, just watch…

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