The Ultimate Road Trip

The Ultimate Road Trip

Franco, Joyo, Silva, and I were sitting on my back porch this past Saturday night fighting the heat using Mango/Banana Margaritas as ammunition. While losing the battle, Franco mentioned something about “ChevyGirlRox’s” latest series of posts being his favorite H.A.M.B. series of all time. I had no idea what he was talking about… and soon found myself back indoors marveling over one hell of a road trip.

Take a few minutes out of your day today, click on each of the links below, and get lost.

Incredible, right? That’s hot rodding folks. Matt and Megan just showed us all how to do it. From point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ with the least amount of emotional drama possible. It’s an adventure that I’m jealous as hell of.

Matt… Megan… You two are heros.

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