Zen & The Surfers

Zen & The Surfers

“There is a philosophy of the world that states that there is a common realization about the interconnectivity of all things physical and spiritual—that there is a unity at a profound level—and that our actions have somewhat infinite repercussions. This discipline is known as Zen. In the mid-1960s, it was a philosophy that was integral to the machinations of an offbeat trio of Nitro Bums from the west side of Los Angeles: Bob Skinner, Tom Jobe and Mike Sorokin, aka “The Surfers.” It defined their approach to the application of nitromethane vis-à-vis compression ratios and blower speeds. It defined who they were as individuals.”


Last week, “NoSurf” sent a link to an article on The Top Fuel Wormhole and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Rather than spit out my thoughts through a series of words and sentences, I think I’ll just link it here and let you guys come to your own conclusions. Regardless, this is simply fantastic.

Stop what you are doing and READ THIS.

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