Remember Customizing Your First Car?

Remember Customizing Your First Car?

In 1958, there probably wasn’t a teenager in the USA that wasn’t dying for the day when they got their own set of wheels. Here’s some great color home movie footage of your average American teenagers around 1958, and the pride they have for their (first?) cars quite evident. Hanging out in gas station parking lot, backroad racing, and just having fun with their rides. There’s an unassuming ’52 Studebaker Champion and a ’47-’48 Plymouth, but the star of the film is the ’50 Ford ‘shoebox’ business coupe in the process of being customized on a young man’s budget. The low-buck sled has already been lowered, reupholstered, and it looks like the front end may be getting ready for a grille swap. In the shot where the trunk is open, you can see that the primer black car was once rattlecan-painted a cherry red…. Or at least part of it was!

Simpler times, for sure, and when I think back to being 16, this was my whole world: Getting the freedom of that first car and of course, making it my own.

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