The Haube Coupe?

The Haube Coupe?

I have a pretty extensive photo archive of flamed cars and in that set is a perfect little ’32 5-window without much explanation or many details as to where it came from. Here are my notes:

  • Haube Drag Coupe featured in 1959
  • 5″ channel
  • 4″ chop
  • 3″ dropped axle
  • 3 3/8″ bore with a 4 1/8″ stroke
  • 10 to 1 compression
  • Edelbrock intake
  • Ran 13.8 at Magnolia Drag Strip in 1958

It’s rare that I find an obscure historical car that doesn’t call for changes in my mind’s eye. I mean, I wouldn’t change a thing about this one… The flames are perfect, the stance is incredibly athletic (given it’s an “east coast” car) and you couldn’t ask for a more suitable powertrain. For all intents and purposes, this is the perfect late 1950’s hot rod… and I’d bet my butt most of you have never seen it.

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