East Coast Coffee Grinder

East Coast Coffee Grinder

The East Coast Style is a tricky beast. I have to admire the confidence it takes to channel a car more than half a foot, but it often leads to such weird proportions that I forget about the mental fortitude that attracted me in the first place. This, however, isn’t always the case.

Introducing The Coffee Grinder – a little channeled roadster built by Adam Coffee in 1958. It’s channeled the minimum requisite of eight inches to qualify as an honest-to-goodness East Coast Hot Rod, but this channel is matched by a hefty sanction chop that works to equalize the proportions. Take a step back and look at the Coffee Grinder on the cover of the February, 1959 issue of Rods Illustrated and what you have is one svelte little beast.

Even so, you know what drives this car home for me? The proper period dressed 265-inch Chevrolet. The intake, the headers, the chrome… This is how an SBC should be put together.

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