New Swag!!!

New Swag!!!

Due to all the supply chain issues, costs, and other miscellaneous bullshit of the last few years, I haven’t done any new Jalopy Journal or HAMB shirts for quite some time. This year, however, I decided that come hell or high water I was gonna drop some new swag. And well, I’ve done just that… Welcome to the 2022/23 line of Jalopy Journal and HAMB shirts and hats.

There are three new shirts that you can see here. Jacqueline Davies did some really charming art for two of them and I took inspiration from an old race car for the third.

Ohh… and that’s not it. I also did three new hats. One is the often called for Officer’s Watch Cap… and the other two are classic designs from our archives. I’m pretty damned happy with all of them.

So… What are you waiting for? GO SHOPPING. You’ll be glad ya did…

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