Bringing One Back From the Dead…

Bringing One Back From the Dead…

Below you’ll find a few films about the restoration and running of ‘Babs’ exactly 50 years after John Parry-Thomas crashed on the beach of Pendine Sands and the car was buried there by his friends. Imagine digging a race car out of wet sand after rotting for a half a century, then restoring it and running it again. Babs was a monstrous 27 liter Liberty aero-powered beast, and was the largest capacity race car to ever run at Brooklands. When Owen Wyn Owen (yes, that was his name) decided to dig the legendary car up at the legendary Welsh beach, he had nothing but old photos to go on, and the location had since became government property near a military rocket site. Amazingly, the officials gave Wyn Owen permission to exhume the vehicle as long as he got the blessing from J.G.Parry-Thomas’ next of kin. That process alone took two years, then another eight years of  painstaking restoration, fabrication, and reconstruction from a whole group of supporters and enthusiasts who wanted to see Babs returned to glory. Just watch the videos below for all the details!

So this leads me to my question: If you could bring any historic hot rod back from the dead, which one would it be?

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