Hot Rods & Racing Cars

Hot Rods & Racing Cars

My dad used to say that he didn’t trust anyone that didn’t grow up yearning for both baseball cards and comic books. To make sure I was trustworthy, he force fed me both and I took to them early and often. In my day, we didn’t have much drawn and illustrated hot rod content so I focused on Super Hero books – almost always pulling for the villain to finally win one.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered Hot Rods & Racing Cars – a comic book focusing exclusively on speed. To be frank, the story lines lacked any kind of depth compared to the classics of the time. BUT, the illustration was so quaint and dreamy that these books are hard not to love anyway.

How’s about a taste? Here’s the lead story from issue #10 that was published in 1953:

And for a capper, how about a little glossary to keep you up on your slang and what not:

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