The Art Gerrick Car

The Art Gerrick Car

Art Gerrick was old school… Even in 1951. That’s the year his lakes modified was featured in Hot Rod Magazine along with one of Rex Burnett’s first cut-away illustrations. Before the feature, Art had already set numerous records on the Muroc dry lake in a hopped up t-roadster and was known all around as one smart enchilada. In 1936, he started construction on the car in question (above and below) with the goal of building the ultimate 4-powered modified.

By all accounts, he succeeded.

He started with a set of frame rails liberated from a ’24 Olds, added a kick-up, and then dumped on a ’27-t body. From there, it’s just more mis and match – early Chevy spindles, model-a Ford hubs, model-t rear crossmember and springs, gorgeous plastic wind screen, etc… And then there is that motor… Damnit, that motor.

It’s a ’24-t block sported with a 3 15/16 bore, early model-b counter weighted crank, model-a rods and mains, Winfield cam, dual ignition (from a Pierce Arrow), and the glorious Rajo head with 8 plugs. It all comes together and forms, get this, 17.3-1 compression at the cylinders. This thing THUMPED.

In any case, the car is up for auction. The RM deal is gonna be crazy.

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