McFly Roadster

McFly Roadster

“Extremes” annoy the shit out of me. Find something cool, realize that “coolness”, and you can bet your ass that it won’t be long before someone takes that idea and perversely tweeks it to the extreme. A great case study for this theory is the hot rod and custom world… Longer, lower, rattier, shinier, etc… Someone always has to do something that is “more” than the other guy’s. Me? I just like smartly built cars with texture and good direction. For example, take a gander at McFly’s roadster.

The timeless tradition of setting a 28/29 roadster body on deuce rails is always a good place to start. McFly did it with what looks like a great find – an old roadster body with some age and incredible texture. This body sets the color foundation for what could pass as a set of Ralph Lauren color swatches. The car just feels warm and inviting and that says a lot considering there isn’t much of an interior or really any fresh paint to speak of. It’s just smartly built with an eye on tradition and a total lack of consideration for what the “other guy” is doing. I love that.

Of course, there are a few things I’d change. The alternator seems out of place to me and I’d love to see some vintage gauges in that dash. Somehow though, I don’t think my misgivings would concern McFly at all. It’s his hot rod, not mine.

Enjoy McFly’s gallery.


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