Forum Updates

Forum Updates

The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about some forum additions to the HAMB. This weekend, I decided to stop thinking and start doing… and today, those new forums are live. Here’s a quick run down:

The “Other Events” Forum
In the past 6 months, I’ve been asked for this multiple times. As such, I figured I had better make it happen. Essentially, this is a forum for announcing and promoting your own events. Maybe you have a custom show? Maybe you are planning a race? This is where you can tell the world.

Note: We still allow show discussion on the main forums obviously…

The “What’s It Worth” Forum
One of the things that has always perplexed me are the “What is this worth?” threads that we always get on the main forum. On one hand, they are often perceived as an effort to skirt the classifieds rules and post something for sale on the main forum. On the other hand, there have been plenty of times that I’ve wondered the value of a car or part in my own possession and not had an avenue to ask the general population.

So, this forum is sort of a BETA test to figure out if we are in need of a dedicated avenue for this service.


Also, I am asked quite frequently about the next version of the HAMB and when that will be live. Answer? I’m not sure… It’s a heroic undertaking and I’ve been tackling it when I have time. Eventually, I will get to the point where I am far enough along to drop everything and see it through to the end. Maybe in the fall?


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