Traditional ’32 Ford Hot Rods: Which ones are the Icons?

Traditional ’32 Ford Hot Rods: Which ones are the Icons?

We are in the 90th anniversary year of the 1932 Ford, a car that arguably defines the very essence of hot rod. By the 1940s and 50s, the Deuce roadster and coupe were well-cemented as cool and desirable choices to build a jalopy, providing infinite ways to be customized and personalized. When you look back at the best ’32 Ford hot rods built in that 1947 to 1963 era, which cars stand out as icons in your mind? Which are the examples that got it so very right the first time, that they still look perfect today. The first on my list is the Doane Spencer roadster, hands down. But how about Ray Brown, Vic Edelbrock, Bob McGee or Joe Nitti’s Roadster? Or “Chili” Catallo’s Silver Sapphire (aka Little Deuce Coupe)? Which cars are the ‘unsung heroes’ that usually get left off the list, and why?

What’s on your short list as the best traditional hot rod ’32 of all time? There is no wrong answer here, because it all comes down to personal taste.

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