All New for 1952!

All New for 1952!

Seems like some date far off in the future, but here we are in the year 2022… Now roll the clock back exactly 70 years and you’ll find a car that changed significantly in the ‘All New for 1952’ Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns. GM was still one year away from their big styling changes in 1953, so the ’52 FoMoCo models offered a really fresh, modern looking car in comparison (while still running the now-archaic but trusty Flathead V8). Although the new ‘slab-sided’ stying was less curvaceous than the ’49-’51 Shoebox Fords and Mercury coupes, there were some beautiful ’52 Ford customs from Jerry Quesnel, Bill Moore/ Pete Angress, and a bitchin’ wagon from Al Twichell in the early 50s. (Wish there a few more period custom Lincolns from this year, honestly.)

Let’s see your favorite ’52s…

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