In My Defense…

In My Defense…

The week between Christmas and New Years is typically the one week a year that I choose not to work. I don’t answer emails, I don’t check for spam the minute I awake, I don’t police classified deals, I don’t do server maintenance, etc… I do, however, post features when something comes to mind because writing isn’t really work to me. It’s a release of sorts.

So last week, I found a funny little letter to the Honolulu Star from a pissed off old fart in Honolulu. Essentially, this “concerned citizen” was calling for random checks on hot rods running “stolen” Cadillac hubcaps. It was the quintessential origin story of a proper hot rodder from the other perspective and I loved it.

When I posted it, I wasn’t thinking about politics at all. I wasn’t thinking about you and your views and I wasn’t anticipating you taking guesses at my own. It was purely an innocent attempt to show the unintentional comedy that often arises when viewpoints differ from one side to the next.

For reasons I’m not certain of, the comments went to politics within an hour and I was forced to close it up. Without some sort of social scientific process in place, I can only guess that the over saturation of politics and news has gotten so entrenched into some people’s lives that it is now unavoidable – even when bullshittin’ about old cars and the hoodlums that built them.

I wasn’t pissed. I was embarrassed. How did I not anticipate that little mess? If you put a coffee cup on the edge of the table, it’s gonna get knocked off – right? But the more I thought about it, the more I did get a little pissed off. No one has the right to tell me where to put my coffee cup in my own home.

Keep your politics to yourself. No one cares – least of all, me.

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