An Honest, Original ’32 Ford

An Honest, Original ’32 Ford

Fathom this: The 1932 Ford is now 90 years old. Honestly, when’s the last time you saw a ’32 Ford Roadster that had no damage, no replaced parts, and 100% original paint? I was in a friend’s horse barn in Connecticut and shoved in the corner was super-original, untouched car that was so well preserved you could still see traces of the factory pin-striping. The only blemishes I could find were the front fenders where a previous owner had filled the side-mount spares with flat metal panels… And some clueless soul filming the car stuck a suction cup on the dash panel- I would have killed them for that!

Yes, I know the pictures are horrible, but the lightning was very dim and only an older iPhone on hand. Still, the patina and charm of this charm of this little honey shines through. Every hot rodder’s dream, right?

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