Featured Classified: 1934 Ford

Featured Classified: 1934 Ford

Right now represents a very interesting time in the traditional hot rod/custom market. Prices dipped heavily a couple of years ago, but started to rebound a bit during lockdowns.  Now that we are starting to see light at the end of the Covid tunnel, your guess is as good as mine as to where the market is gonna go.

Take, for example, this really well done 1934 Ford in the classifieds. I dig this car because it’s just goofy enough that you might confuse it for a survivor… But not so goofy that it doesn’t have good lines and an athletic vibe. Hell, if it were mine I’d change the seat and… that’s about it?

Anyway, neat car. But, what’s it really worth?

Ten years ago, I think this car would have brought close to $50k if it were marketed right. Three years ago, I think it would have struggled to bring mid 30’s. Today? I think it’s worth every bit of $35k to the right guy and maybe a little more assuming it’s as clean in person as it is in photographs.

The real question, however, is what is this thing going to be worth ten years from now? Buying hot rods today as an investment is far more risky than it used to be simply because of the unknowns – aging market segment, gas availability, trends, etc… all play into that.

But you know what else? With high risk comes high reward and if I was flush with cash, I’d be in the market right now hunting for 1934 to 1940 Fords at discount prices. This ’34 wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

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