Car Shows… Is it time?

Car Shows… Is it time?

Given all that we have been through in the last couple of years, is it time to start promoting shows again? That’s really the question at hand, right?

I haven’t promoted any shows since April of 2020 and frankly, still don’t feel too excited about getting back out in the world. I’m happy and comfortable in my little shop, on my little island, and confined to my little bubble. I have an immune disease and have to be a little more careful than most… Plus, I never have been much for car shows to begin with – the temptation to take a risk is really, really low.

That all being said, I don’t feel as though my answer is right for everyone. In fact, I feel this is a question that should be asked and answered on a personal and individual level. What’s right for me might not be right for you and vice-a-versa. We make our own choices and we live with them… and try not to judge others for theirs.

I also have good pals that have great car shows coming up – both in Oklahoma. This weekend is the second annual Gathering At The Roc. Last year proved to be incredible and from what I am hearing, this year is going to be even better. If you are anywhere near Bartlesville, OK this weekend, you need to check this out. Details here.

Also in Bartlesville and just a few weeks later is one of the best custom shows in the country – Lead Ain’t Dead. It’s hosted by some of the best people on the planet and is just a great, laid back weekend. Details here. Oh… and if you can swing it, stay at this joint – it’s nothing short of amazing.

Get vaccinated… and live a little if you are so inclined.


Editor’s Note: I finally have my new camera system tuned and ready to hunt. In fact, I am shooting a car this week for the first time in a very, very long time. With any luck, I will be creating REAL content next week!

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