Johannes Huwe

Johannes Huwe

A few years back, Leica loaned me a 50mm Noctilux lens and asked me to shoot hot rods with it. For those unfamiliar, the Noctilux is a hand made (in Germany) camera lens that retails for around $13,000 and it mounts to a camera that can be worth just as much. So, there I was – walking around with $25,000 around my neck looking for images that would somehow impress the people that loaned me all this crap.

I was too scared to take the setup anywhere, so I ended up shooting a flathead that Tardel was building in my shop at the time. You can see those images here.

Anyway, when I got the lens it came with a “check out” list of sorts. On it were a number of names along with the tags they were associated with. I, of course, was tagged with “classic car.” But, so was someone else – a guy named Johannes Huwe. The name did not ring a bell to me. A year later, I featured some of his work and even then, I didn’t put one and two together.

It wasn’t until this morning, when I was browsing a photography magazine, that things started to come together for me. With my shit finally together and the knowledge of who Huwe actually was, I cruised over to both his website and Instagram feed to see what might be some of the best automotive photography I’ve ever seen. You need to check this guy out.

You can see his website here. And while I hate to post links to Instagram, you can see his contributions to that shit hole, here.

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