The Snow Cruiser

The Snow Cruiser

If I had to pick a perfect period, it would land somewhere between 1935 and 1950. I’m enamored not only by the aesthetics of the period, but also by the socio-human advancements that could only be achieved by a country that isn’t the most powerful on earth – but strives to be so.

It’s like the whole era was based around experimentation and all of my favorite things were being discovered and coming into their own – hot rods, 35mm cameras, watches, aircraft, etc…

I don’t know of a better example of this than the Arctic Snow Cruiser. From all accounts, it was an absolute failure of both human planning and technology, but I don’t really care so much about all that. Americans faced a problem and came up with a creative solution that seemed almost impossible from the start. But these folks didn’t let that deter them – they put their head down, dealt with all the obstacles, and just kept on moving… until they couldn’t. Then, they learned from their mistakes and moved on.

It reminds me of something my old man used to say.

“Work like there is nothing to lose.”

In any case, we lost this one… Or did we?

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