In Another Nut Shell…

In Another Nut Shell…

Back in 2010, I was just a stupid kid with an axe to grind… And so when I got a critical email from a guy that I didn’t hold a lot of admiration for, I lashed out by creating a video that sort of summed up my thoughts on both him and the industry he worked in. I could argue that it was a creative release, but I can’t argue against the immaturity of it all.

I don’t want to mention names, but the guy that sent the email? I still don’t care for him or his ways… but to be honest, I see him in a different light now. While he has his own perspective and his type just isn’t my type, he is (without any doubt) a very dedicated hot rodder that has spent his life with an objective not that much different than my own – spreading the gospel of traditional hot rodding.

Bygones be bygones… right? Maybe I’m just an old and tired player these days, but looking back at it all brings me a twinge of embarrassment. The video feels narcissistic in a way that many social media posts feel to me today. I was right. They were wrong. And here’s some glossy bullshit to prove it.  Now, hit the like button god damnit!

I still really like the video I made. The footage is top notch and my musical tastes haven’t changed much… But ironically, I sometimes wonder if I’m on the other side of the line these days. Like, I should “go on and save myself” and take it out on social media. I’m Cochise… and destined to fail.

Thank god I’m stubborn.

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