The 2004 Asphalt Invitational *Revisited*

The 2004 Asphalt Invitational *Revisited*

Back in the late 90s I co-founded a low-buck traditional hot rod show here in the Bay Area called Billetproof , but by sixth year of the event it had become larger and more political than I ever could have imagined. After taking a year off, my club decided to start a new rod and custom gathering focusing on ‘Quality over Quantity’ where we would invite the cars that we wanted to attend. It was dubbed the ‘Asphalt Invitational’, and turned out to be a pretty special little event in the few years we ran it. I’m guessing people must have dug it, because I still occasionally get friends asking if we’ll ever bring that show back. Recently, Lance James from Speed & Chrome Illustrated decided to post all his photographs from that first Asphalt Invitational event in 2004 (yes, 17 years ago!), along with some of his thoughtful commentary looking back.


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