Movie of the Week: Rhapsody in Steel (1933)

Movie of the Week: Rhapsody in Steel (1933)

Here’s a great film that was made for the 1933/34 Chicago World’s Fair, also know by its bloated title ‘A Century of Progress International Exposition’. The Ford Motor Company’s Pavilion showcasing the ‘Little Ford Theater’ was an added exhibit for the second year, which screened Rhapsody In Steel, highlighting the Ford Rouge River plant’s amazing assembly line process and a very detailed look at a Flathead V8 being completely assembled

Directed and animated by Frank Goldman (from Jam Handy productions), the story depicts a Ford plant worker who goes home from his shift just one vehicle short of the 5000 car production target, but luckily the ‘V8 magic fairy’ steps in to help… So you’ve got to watch the second half to see this cool cartoon character come to life and the amazing V8 Ford stop motion-animation as that final car is built!

Note that Ryan featured a shorter version this movie on the Ford Barn in 2010.


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