1933 Dodge Coupe = A REAL Barn Find!!

1933 Dodge Coupe = A REAL Barn Find!!

Roadkillontheweb just found himself a *real* barn find… Not some made up story, or a slightly dusty car that’s been off the road for a decade, but a low mileage 1933 Dodge DP series five window coupe that’s been sitting in a shed for an astonishing 56 years! I’ll let you read both of his posts, check the pictures and video below for yourself, but it’s really quite a time capsule complete with a 1962 oil change decal and 1965 Iowa plates. Also take note of the column-mounted accessory Motorola radio and adjustable electric windshield defroster!

So the big question is, what do you do with it? Preserve the patina, or start period customizing?

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