Featured Classifieds: An Adventure…

Featured Classifieds: An Adventure…

Three or four years ago, Tardel and I had an idea… Or I guess it was more of a thought that we never acted on: Wouldn’t it be fun to buy a cheap early Ford somewhere on the other side of the country and then drive it home untested?

More than likely, breakdowns would be often and with every breakdown comes an adventure and a story. Plus, since you aren’t roadtripping to an event or on a schedule, each one of these adventures could be had with less time induced stress. It just seems like a recipe for absolute fun.

Anyway, I think about this idea a lot when I’m browsing the classifieds and found a car perfect for such an adventure this morning – A 1947 Ford coupe. Essentially, it’s just an unmolested older restoration with a “freshish” engine built by a known commodity. It looks to be solid enough to go a couple of thousand miles over a few days… but not so solid that you couldn’t stretch those couple of days into a week of adventure. Know what I mean?

Plus, ’47 coupes are just kind of charming…

Details here.

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