The Modern Muffler Chevy

The Modern Muffler Chevy

Remember that car show in Honolulu that Ray Brock and Jerry Unser helped start? In 1965, Rod and Custom decided to cover that show with a brief writeup and a series of photos. I believe we covered that feature a few years back… and that lead to a phone call over the weekend.

“Aloha Ryan, this is Layne Yoshimura on Oahu. I own the ’36 Chevrolet that was featured in the Honolulu International Hot Rod Show in 1965.”

That intro was followed by a brief rundown of all the cars Layne has found, built, saved, sold…. and well, let’s just say that I need to get over to Oahu and meet Layne sometime soon. His history in hot rodding, given his isolation, is really quite remarkable. But until then, I thought you guys would enjoy some then and now photos of the Lorenzo Chevy.

First, here’s the car as Rod And Custom shot it in 1965:

And here’s a few shots of Layne pulling it out of storage and getting it home:

Pretty rad, right? The ’36 (owned by Fred Lorenzo) ran G-Gas and went as quick as 14 seconds in quarter using 261-inch I6 out of ’57 Chevrolet with a 505 Isky cam (HBD!), ’59 Chevrolet trans, Hurst shifter, and 4.11 gears. I did a lot of searching for more information, but didn’t find much… I did however find this race result in a local newspaper:

Judging by the Honolulu Advertiser’s Racing Reports, Lorenzo raced the car into the 1970’s and then the car just sort of disappears – only to be found decades later by Layne. Regardless, this is a bitchin car with fantastic history.

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