Your Highboy Sucks!

Your Highboy Sucks!

Back before I knew shit about traditional hot rods, 1932 Fords, or anything at all about historical speed, I was more drawn to fat fendered Fords than anything with exposed frame rails and/or rubber. To me, 1935 to 1940 Fords were just sleeker and sexier than anything else that came before.

Of course, the context of history changed all that for me… and as my knowledge grew, so did my fascination with opened wheeled hot rods. Essentially, my tastes were overpowered by my hunger for both history and, well… speed.

But forget all that and watch this video:

The first 20-seconds or so are absolutely golden. It’s rare footage, because rarely do you get to see these early short track cars (read: worthless fat fendered Fords) at eye level where both stance and line can be read honestly. These cars read like the devil, don’t they? Sinister, low, swoopy… flat out sexy.

And that’s why, ladies and gentleman, our “highboys” suck.

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