The Keller

The Keller

Kind of a crap post today, but life isn’t all hot rods and customs – am I right? Anyway, I met a man today… He’s the grandson of Mr. John Leifeld – the founder and lead designer of the Keller Automobile. What’s a Keller? Don’t worry, I had to ask too…

Essentially, the Keller was Leifeld’s answer to a question no one was really asking in 1949. It was a small car that was both cheap to buy and cheap to operate. It was one of the world’s first economy cars… but, the post war boom left it little to no market to operate within and the car company quickly folded.

You can read more about the project here.

Pretty rad story, right? Well written too…


Editor’s Note: Sort of off topic, but if you have a chance – fire up Netflix and watch “The Framing Of John DeLorean.” Without doubt, it’s one of the better produced documentaries I’ve ever watched.

Oh… and also… Fire up HBO and stream “The Lady and The Dale” – oddly, I was interviewed for this one. But thankfully, I didn’t make the cut. It is a FANTASTIC documentary and a story that will blow your mind.

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