Merc Survivor

Merc Survivor

Here’s something I haven’t done for some time – a featured classified ad. I was out to lunch with Bleed not long ago and for one reason or the other, the topic of Mercs came up. He mentioned his pal Johnny had a bitchin’ survivor up in Wisconsin and that it was in pretty incredible shape. Yadda… Yadda… Yadda… Right?

So last night I was farting around on the classifieds and I ran into this ad. I’m guessing (not confirmed) that this is the Merc that Bleed was rapping about. In any case, the pictures show a pretty remarkable car and the idea of an almost 100% stock ’51 coupe appeals to me. With an unmolested car, you are starting where our heroes did.

Of course, there is the money. It’s priced at $22k or best offer. That’s a ton of dough these days, but I have a hankerin’ the value is there. I know if I had the money, I’d certainly be going for it.

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