May in the Motor City: A Pictorial

May in the Motor City: A Pictorial

The past 10 days have been a whirlwind in all the best ways. Every May, I like to fly back to Michigan to kick off the summer with my family. Although my goal is usually to take it easy and relax a little bit, that plan doesn’t ever last long. There’s just too much to see and do. Just like in San Francisco, I rarely sit around—and that’s not a bad thing.

This trip was no exception. Even though I didn’t intend for it to be car centric, I managed to see a smattering of amazing machines from all around the world. It seemed like wherever I went, there was an opportunity to learn more about our hobby’s history.

Of all the stops, two deserve way more real estate than I’m giving them here today. First is the Gilmore Car Museum. Located in Hickory Corners, Michigan, this 190,000 square foot museum is jam-packed with every type of American car you can imagine. From bubbletop Corvettes and Motorama concept cars to Pierce Arrows and the Woody Lee T, I was blown away by the diversity of the collection. At this point, the 90-acre campus houses more than 400 historic vehicles. I’ve wanted to check it out for years, and I’m excited that I finally got to do so.

Next on the list was the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house. Built on the banks of Lake St. Clair in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, the English-style mansion is an architectural masterpiece. Earlier this week, my dad and I toured the house along with the surrounding grounds and newly constructed museum.

I was most impressed by the juxtaposition of styles; despite the traditional Cotswold exterior, there were a number of incredible Streamline Moderne rooms tucked away inside. As captivating as the house was, I spent equally as long studying Edsel Ford’s ’32 and ’34 Ford Speedsters, which were on display in a separate gallery.

Everywhere I went, I took photos. Below, you’ll find shots from the Gilmore, the Ford house and plenty of places in between. Ten days wasn’t long enough, but I know I’ll find plenty more history next time I return to the Motor City.

Joey Ukrop

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