The Cars of Jack Slaymaker

The Cars of Jack Slaymaker

Full disclosure: I never met Jack Slaymaker, and I’ve surely never been to the tiny town of Fostoria, Iowa (population 211)… But sadly Jack has passed away and VanDerBrink Auctions will be selling off his hot rod collection on July 24th, on behalf of his widow. This guy had pretty darn good taste in cars, so I figured I would share six of my favorites from his cool collection with you. If you happen to be hanging around the auction next month, feel free to pick up any of these babies up for me!

        1. 1940’s 3/4 Midget Racecar

          “You are bidding on a cool vintage 3/4 Midget race car. It has a Crosley motor that is stuck. No transmission. Believed to be from the St. Louis area. This would be a great addition to any collection or just that one car for your summer ride.”

        2. 1926 Ford Roadster Pickup hotrod

          “You are bidding on a 1926 Ford Roadster Pickup. This is a running and driving 1940 style vintage hotrod. It is green in color. Clear Title. It has a Model A 4 cylinder motor and manual transmission. It is on a Model A frame. Rickie Lee autographed. Cool vintage hotrod.”

        3. 1951 Kaiser Custom 4dr Sedan

          “You are bidding on a Customized 1951 Kaiser Custom 4dr Sedan. 511-2197. Title. The car has been customized into a 2dr Cut top or convertible. No top. So watch the rain. It is gold in color. It ran and drove when parked. The car has a 6 cylinder motor with manual transmission and is 3speed on the column. Wide White wall tires. It is pretty cool custom 2 seater and defiantly will turn heads.”

        4. 1940 Mercury Coupe Matranga Coupe Clone

          “You are bidding on dream of Jack Slaymaker to recreate the George Barris Matranga Coupe. Clear Title. This is a totally customized with all lead bodywork. The car has been chopped 3-4 inches and is green in color. Jack built the car with his brother Dennis. Dennis did a lot of lead work, a lost art. There are airbags in the rear and it was built from the frame up. It has a solid front axle. The car is powered by a 350 Chevrolet V8 with 4bbl carb and 350 turbo Automatic transmission. the car is green in color and even has custom fender skirts. Power brakes and AL2 radiator. The interior is a split bench seat. There are 88,098 miles showing on the odometer. Ran and drove last year. This is absolutely a cool look and just leave along or add your color and touches to complete your dream.”

        5. 1932 Ford HI-Boy Coupe Vintage Hot Rod

          “You are bidding on a cool Vintage Hot Rod. This is a 1932 Ford HI-Boy Coupe. title. It is an all Henry Ford steel body on a 1932 Ford frame. It has a 4 1/2 inch chop. The car is in primer and ready for your dream color. It has a louvered hood and decklid for that vintage hot rod look. The car is powered by a 350 Chevrolet V8 with 4bbl Holley carb. It has a Top loader 3 speed transmission. The car has juice brakes, original Ford rear end, and a tubular front axle. It has 16 inch Ford rims on the car. The interior is aluminum aircraft buckets and plain interior. Jack did this so that everyone knew that it was all Henry Ford steel body.”

        6. 1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe Hot Rod

          “You are bidding on an amazing 1934 Ford 3 window coupe Hot Rod. Title. The car was featured on the front cover of Rodder’s Journal #39 and was built in California. It is a Matt Copper in color and a real looker. It has a 3 1/2 inch Bonneville Chop. Front Suicide doors. It is a Henry Ford Steel Body with full fiberglass fenders. It has the vintage look with louvered hood. The car has nice grill and has hand painted wolf on the car. The car has a sleek look with no mirrors. The car is powered by a 454 Chevrolet V8 with 4bbl carb and 400 Turbo Transmission. It has a dropped front axle and 9 inch Ford rear end. The interior is black and white piping. It has Moon Eye Gauges and Impala steering wheel. There is no headliner. It has a fuel cell and runs and drives. This car looks fast and runs and drives great.”

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