Memorial Day

Memorial Day

The thing about Memorial Day is that it’s not really a holiday. It’s not a celebration, because why would you celebrate loss of life? Instead, it’s a time to honor those that paid the ultimate price for freedom. We do that by getting a day off, not going to the bank, not checking the mail, etc… And when you think about it… I mean really think about it… that’s sort of screwed up.

So, screw all that. I’m working today and while I do so, I’m gonna think about those that allowed me to do so.


Figured I ought to put you guys to work as well, so here’s your challenge:

You can only post a single image or a single video (hot rod related) and one way or another, that media has to be related to memorializing our vets. What ya say?

I’ll go first:

Cuz Bruce Meyer once said, “Hot Rodding is the purest of American art forms. And we have American military men to thank for that.”

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