Tech Week Winner!

Tech Week Winner!

I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to announce this deal as Paul did all the work. So, without further ado:

Tech Week May 2021 is over and you have chosen your winner.

First we would like to say thank you. Thank you all, thank you entrants for the time and effort to put together your contributions. I know just documenting the work can take almost as much effort as the actual work itself, thank you. Thank you voters for reading through all the entrant’s contributions to make the tough choice. With so much great information to take in, the choice really was tough. Thank you.

Thank you all that participated.

There was truly a great group of threads this time. We saw a range of tech from the simplest ten minute jobs that took minimal tools and resources, to the highest skill set, professional looking shop with fantastic presentation and superb results, to solutions that involved little more than a rock and chisel for tools and a fierce determination to see it through.

In the end that is what got the most votes, the recognition of that determination. That, after all is why we are all here. We want it, we feel it, we are determined.

And now, that winner is…

The-Rodster and his Louver Project!

Well done man – you deserve it!

Now, to the elephant in the room – low voter turn out. It sounds like there were technical issues, I can’t speak to that, but I can suggest that we try to improve on future participation. I think part of the problem was unfamiliarity. It has been long enough since the last Tech Week that we either forgot how, or there are enough new members that haven’t experienced it yet to know how, or possibly people generally just don’t give a shit. I refuse to believe that one.

I suggest one way to increase participation would be to increase frequency – annual or biannual would get people to prepare and expect it. Having only technical threads accepted on the board during Tech Week might be a good idea, it was done in the past and seemed to work well. Incentive to participate..

Prizes are good, they can be a great incentive but, the incentive is staring us right in the face. Technical threads are a great motivator. I have no doubt that if we have more tech threads participation will grow. Participation in Tech Week contributions and more importantly: continued participation in the future of traditional hot rods and customs.


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