The Elephant On The Zoom

The Elephant On The Zoom

Last Friday, I was invited to be on a sort of “industry zoom” setup by a number of different decision makers in our market. Typically, I’ve shied away from such things. I’ve never been all that involved with SEMA. I’ve never rubbed many elbows with execs. I’ve never really belonged on such a call. But this time, I was actually asked to participate. So, what the hell?

Anyway, without boring you fellas with numbers and rivers made of tears what I learned came down to this:

A number of very large suppliers in our industry are on the verge of bankruptcy. The last year has been incredibly tough on them and survival is a question mark that grows daily. However, others in the industry are reporting record revenue numbers for 2020 and optimism for that to get even better in 2021.

What no one seems to be able to comprehend is why there is such a big discrepancy between each of these groups. Other industries with larger markets have the capital to study such oddities and put their fingers on reasoning. But our tiny little market doesn’t have the organization, experience, or money to make such a study possible.

The most obvious blind answer to give is this: companies survive by being flexible and smart, companies die by being stagnant and stupid. I can’t name names on this one… But I can tell you this: Even the companies that killed it in 2020 are absolutely confused by the performance of the companies that didn’t. Meaning, no one intimate with this problem is solely blaming poor practices. Just about everyone agrees that something else is going on.

But, what?

In an attempt to answer that question, I agreed to help by asking you guys a single question. Essentially, do you think you will have more or less car time in 2021 when compared to 2020?

Me? I think I will have less… I rode out much of the lockdown working on and driving my old cars.

However, there are others in different boats. Their car time is driven by events and because there were no events of consequence in 2020, their time went to zero.

To further complicate the estimation, many employers have gone to “work from home” scenarios. This allows the car guy more time during a work day to do old car things… And because 2021 is starting to open up a bit, this new time plus potential 2021 events could equate into much more car time for certain folks.

So the question is basically – where do you see yourself in all of this?

You can find the simple poll here.


Editor’s Note #1: The only thing shared with the group will be the public poll data. I don’t collect or share ¬†ANYTHING else. This isn’t Facebook or Instagram. You are private here. But also, don’t at all feel obligated to participate.

Editor’s Note #2: I could see this going to politics. However, we don’t host politics here. If you post anything that could be construed as politics, it is very likely that you will lose your account. So, just don’t go there…

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