Tech Week Is Coming!

Tech Week Is Coming!

Back by popular demand… I guess? Or have we “ran off” all the capable players in the game? In any regard, we are doing this. Tech week starts on May 1st and will run until May 14th. In order for your post to be considered, it must follow certain rules and guidelines. Namely:

  1. The title of your thread must start with, “Tech Week: <enter subject of tech here>”
  2. Your tech week submission must include either pictures or video of the work in question.
  3. Your tech week submission must be posted BEFORE midnight on May 14.

Once all of the submissions have been gathered, we will hold a free and fair polling of users. The winner of that vote will be declared by May 21st. But… What will the winner get?

I was thinking about just sending the user a bunch of merch and what not, but who needs shirts and hats? Winner gets $250 from my bank account… and anything else anyone wants to pitch in. If you have an offering, just add it to this thread. McDonald gift cards will not be allowed.

Good luck gentlemen.

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