I don’t know this kid, but he’s a talented photographer and a former Nikon partner. As part of that partnership, he was called upon to create content using the camera company’s latest and greatest. His last piece was a little over a year ago and was a short film about waking his old Ford truck after a winter’s hibernation.

Let’s be frank… His “old” truck isn’t that old at all. And, in my opinion (as someone that drove a 4th gen F-series everyday for 5/6 years), this generation of Ford pickup is probably one of the easiest to live with. Meaning, storing one in the winter and only driving it when the weather calls isn’t all that adventurous.

But… At the end of the day… He isn’t wrong. And this is one hell of a well made video expressing something we all try too at one point or another.

Check it out:

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