Featured Classifieds: 1940 Ford Standard

Featured Classifieds: 1940 Ford Standard

I’ve owned and daily driven just about every generation of Ford from 1930 until 1964 or so. I’ve come away from that experience with the opinion that the best car Ford made during that period is the 1939-1940 Ford passenger car. It does everything better than the 1949 to ’51 Ford and handles better than just about anything Ford made prior to the mid-1960s.

On top of all that, these cars are incredibly convenient to work on – nothing is in tight quarters, all mechanicals are simple and straight forward, and for the most part, even a hack like me get one down the road.

So yeah… the pinnacle of Ford engineering. And, as a result, I find myself often drawn to them when they show up for sale. Recently, a 1940 standard sedan popped up on the H.A.M.B. classifieds. It appears to be a nice, casual, and solid driver – the perfect form of the perfect car.

Even crazier, the price is right… I don’t know how much these cars have dipped in value recently, but a well put together ’39-40 sedan for under $17k? Someone needs to snap this thing up.

Details here.

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