Seeing Details: Period Pics of Cabriolets

Seeing Details: Period Pics of Cabriolets

I’ve had both of these large black & white images mixed in with my car book and magazine collection for quite some time, and figured they were worth sharing. I don’t remember who sent them to me or when, but I’ve had these two photographs for well over a decade. There is no information printed on the back, so there is no way of telling exactly when they were taken, who’s in the picture, etc. Honestly, this makes it more fun for me- Figuring out exactly what’s been modified on the cars, for example. Let’s call these Picture A and B.

Pic A looks to be a man and his 1937 Ford Cabriolet rocking ’39 taillights, locking accessory fender skirts and cool wheel covers.

Pic B is a young couple on La Brea Avenue in L.A. sometime between the end of the 40s and the early 50s, leaning on a ’33 Ford Cabriolet that’s sitting down low.

What else do you observe from these pictures? What modifications?

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