Box Art

Box Art

An old friend of mine called last night right in the middle of the Super Bowl. The conversation went something like this:

Nils: Ryan, about six or seven years ago I was at your place and you showed me some images of model car boxes. I can’t remember the car but I think it was a ’29 through ’34 Ford. I need to see the color again. Please send me those images.

Me: Hey man… As soon as Tom Brady does his thing I will email you some shots from that directory.

Nils: I’m 85-years old. I don’t have that long. And you can’t email them. My attachments are broken.

Me: Text?

Nils: No. Figure it out and get it done. I need this.


And so here I am – stuck in the crosshairs of an old fart on a mission that refuses to take “NO” for any kind of an answer. I can’t email him and he doesn’t have a mobile phone… So I figured to get out of the sticky situation I find myself in, I’d just create a feature and dump the entire directory here. Excuse this incredibly inefficient form of communication and enjoy the gallery if you are so inclined.

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