Peer Pressure…

Peer Pressure…

Jesse Borba is an 18 year-old hoodlum out of Sebastopol, California. In November of this year, he got on the H.A.M.B. and stated triumphantly that he was going to build his first flathead and put it in a traditional hot rod that has yet to be located and bought. Ever since, I’ve been checking up on his thread to watch his progress.

This morning, I got to thinking… When I was 18 years old, I don’t know that I would have had the discipline or the drive to learn the fundamentals of building a flat motor and then turn around and apply that knowledge. That’s something that takes the time and dedication rarely found in an easily distracted mind that is energized by youth.

In turn, that got me thinking about helping… But not in some cheesy, cliche type of way. That wouldn’t be my style. Instead, I think we should do it by pure peer pressure. I need y’alls help to make this happen.

Go to Jesse’s thread here. Return once a week or so and check for progress. If there isn’t any, ridicule him… throw mom jokes his way… Kick his dog… whatever it takes to put some vinegar in his piss. If there is progress, acknowledge it and maybe pat him on the back, but be sure to mention your 13-year old nephew and how he did it better last year.

Who’s with me? I think if we play our cards right, we could end up with a resentful hot rodder on our hands – which, honestly, is better than no hot rodder at all – right?

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