I’ve never participated in Cyber Monday and frankly, probably never will again. It just seems like a cheap and insincere way of capitalizing off a holiday season that should mean something more than a time to get 20% off shit. I’ve just never wanted to engage in all that.

This year, however, is different. And because it’s different, I didn’t feel much like creating new merchandise, marketing it, and trying like hell to hustle a profit. Instead, I’m gonna start working on new merch next month or maybe wait until after the new year. Essentially, I’m just not gonna do it until I feel right doing it.

For Cyber Monday, however, I figured I might as well fire out a discount for those that have been eyeing something in the store, but balking due to money. Admittedly, the shelves are a bit bare… but what is there, is available for 20% off today and today only. Just use this discount code:



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