Fake Generator

Fake Generator

Like most, I don’t have much interest in vintage looking fake stuff. I mean, I think the new Stromberg 97s were a gift from god when they came out and I totally get the occasion when a Brookville body is called on, but for the most part… yeah, I just prefer good old original stuff.

And typically, this would extend to generators too… Powergens have become so synonymous that you can spot them at a glance and that point, you might as well be running a GM one-wire. But the thing is, original early Ford generators can be such a pain in the ass. If you mess with one long enough, you can feel yourself morphing into a street rodder. Seriously.

Enter JT1930 and his solution… I know, I know… There’s a lot of bullshittery going on here. But, I totally get this.

Check it out.

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