Continental Club Relief Fund

Continental Club Relief Fund

You’d be hard pressed to find a community that has given more to traditional hot rods and customs than the one in Austin, TX. That community would not exist if it were not for the Continental Club. It’s our home, it’s our club house, it’s the HQ of Cool… And as of now, it hasn’t been open for business since around March.

The owner of the Continental is family to me. Steve is like this weird mix of uncle and surrogate father… He’s someone I’ve always looked up to and the guy I go to for life advice since my dad passed away. He’s all that to me because of the way he handles the world. A good example of that is his response to Covid-19.

The Continental Club has employees that have been around for almost 20 years and because of that, they’ve become a bigger part of the venue than the famous acts hosted within or the famous hot rods and customs parked outside. Steve has been doing everything in his power to keep them employed throughout the pandemic for the past seven or so months… and doing it without any revenue at all to support the cause.

He does, however, have a way for all of us to help out. The Continental Family Relief Fund was started in an effort to support those that make both the Continental Club and C-Boy’s Heart & Soul as special as they have always been. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from this fund goes to the employees…

So, if Steve has ever comped your cover or saved ya a place on “the list”… If you have ever taken advantage of the reserved hot rod parking on South Congress… If ya ever came out to the Round Up and enjoyed the bands… If ya appreciate the car scene in Austin at all… It’s time to give back.

You can give to the fund here.

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