A Surprise H.A.M.B. Upgrade

A Surprise H.A.M.B. Upgrade

We were actually going to do this last week, but decided against it purely for selfish reasons. In any case, here it is… This marks kind of a historic point for us as it’s the first time we have worked directly with the software folks at Vbulletin and created features that we’ve always wanted. It’s just a start, but I think it’s a good one.

This first upgrade focuses predominately on Social Groups. I’ve always liked the idea of Social Groups, but I wasn’t crazy about how they were implimented previously. With this upgrade, Social Groups become more of a stand-alone entity that allow you guys to create your very own forums. Want to talk about only hot rods with Ardun heads? No sweat… Create your own Social Group and forum. Cool, right?

If you have already started a Social Group, you will notice that all of your previous posts are now housed in a single thread. This is clumsy, but the best alternative we could come up with. From here on out, your group will work like a forum – multiple threads with replies, etc… Seems confusing at first, but it will make sense once you get started.

Also, Social Groups are now housed in categories. We have categories for social groups about all kinds of things like car clubs, brands, art, hot rods, customs, etc… In the future, we can add more. Just make a reccomendation and we will get on it.

Now is also a good time for you guys with previously set up Social Groups to make some changes. If you get a chance, go to your Social Group and click “edit group.” From here, you can add a group avatar as well as place your Social Group into a category. Doing both will make your group easier to find by others.

Past the groups, you will find other improvements throughout the forum. Attached images are easier to toggle through, personal albums are easier to find and browse through, etc… Have a look around. I’m sure you fellas are going to like what you see.

And if you have any problems or find any bugs, feel free to pm me or just reply to this post.

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