Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Brining back an old school feature from The Jalopy Journal circa 1998… It’s question and answer time! Essentially, this is when I take random (typically narcissistically chosen) questions from my inbox and answer them in public. How bout that?

Let’s get started:

Question 1 from Brian MacNamara: Are you still hosting The Hot Rod Gathering in October?

Answer: I am not. Due to my own health risks, I dropped out. However, Brandon and Jason are still hard at it and the show is still on. I’ve heard that the pre-registration quality is off the hook and I know the venue is pretty damned killer. If you want more details, you can find them here.


Question 2 from Stacy Adams: Does the HAMB get more traffic now than it did in say 2012?

Answer: No… I think our heyday of traffic was probably around 2016. Social media killed the forum industry in much the same way forums killed the magazine. There are lots of reasons for this, but I don’t do politics online.

And this is sort of a canned answer, but I like my life better now… and I also think I like the forum better as it stands. That could be self-protection of sorts, but it’s honest.

Remember, I did this when it was just me.


Question 3 from “HAMBy McHAMB Face”: Drags? Cancelled. Round Up? Cancelled. Twice. Why don’t you guys in Austin grow a pair?

Answer: You are drowning in my wake dawg. Be careful out there.


Question 4 from Terri Kips: I’ve watched your build videos on YouTube. Why don’t you do more car related stuff with that format?

Answer: I’ve actually tried. You can see one of those features here. Videos are HARD to make. You spend hours filming and then ten times that editing… And frankly, it’s hard for me to create a video to my own standards with the lack of talent that I have. Also, when you do still shots of a car, you are putting the owner out for a couple of hours. When you film video features, you are likely putting the owner out for a couple of long and boring evenings.

All that said, I would like to try again.


Question 5 from Midnight P: Where can I find footage from the Coachman Car Show? Who owns that footage?

Answer: I get this question more than any other in my inbox… and it’s weird, because it’s sat in the same place since 2005 or so. You can find it here.

As for who owns it, I’m not actually sure. I do remember there being some drama around that… There were a couple of guys that claimed ownership at one point and they were arguing, but I don’t know what came of that.

In my mind, it’s important stuff and doesn’t belong to anyone.


Question 6 from Steve: 28 years… Are you burnt out yet?

Answer: Five years ago I would tell you that it’s impossible for me to burn out on old cars. Now, I think it’s possible but entirely manageable. During Covid, I’ve had no drive and no motivation to work on old cars at all. Instead, I’ve worked on nerdy tech projects. I have zero guilt.

Oddly, I don’t really get tired of writing about or (more importantly) thinking about old cars. I do, however, get incredibly burnt out on events. Hot rodding for me is a lot like surfing for other people in that it’s a solitary activity that grounds me.


Question 7 from Larry Barker: What are you thoughts on the future of hot rodding, fossil fuels, and the HAMB. Are electric conversion something you are considering?

Answer: I’m super interested in the electric car industry and I follow it, but I don’t have a passion for it. This place is a passion project, so I can’t ever see injecting that stuff here. The Jalopy Journal and the HAMB will live and die with traditional fossil fuels. I’m fine with that.


Not super exciting, but not bad for my first Q&A in over 20 years. If you want to participate in the next round, hit me up here.

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