The Calori Car… Finished

The Calori Car… Finished

I’m often asked about my favorite H.A.M.B. build of all time and while it is a tough call, it’s hard for me not to give the nod to Billy and his amazing “Calori Roadster.” Not only is the car a recreation of one of the best, it was done by a guy learning as he went and with the approval of the original squire – Mr. Calori himself. Of course, Mr. Calori died not long ago and Billy was left to finish his project as a memorial of sorts.

This past weekend Billy checked his final nut, wired his last terminal, and took the car out on its first of many shake-down runs. By all reports, it went marvelously and the pictures sure get one to thinking about perfection. I have to admit, I’m kind of sad to see this one get finished… I’m going to miss the updates.

Thank ya Billy – You sure did us all proud.

Check out the shake-down images here.




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